How much do you love your nick-nacks?

Someone is clearing out their Bloglovin’ saved posts by blogging about them… Yep – me!

The question that I’m pondering for a while now – brought onto me by this blogpost. I recently noticed that I spend quite a lot of time sneezing and wheezing my day when I’m in my studio. Point is, that I suck at cleaning and that probably, the best last deep clean this place has seen was when I moved in last September. (Perhaps I should dust, or something like that.) But I just don’t want to do it: there is (still too) much stuff to move around when I’m dusting – there are still many stuff to move around while dusting.

There is the little hand-made clay owl, that I just keep, a thermos flask, jewelery and such.

My room at my parent’s house only contains a few sentimental items: my photo wall, where I keep photo’s and framed memorabilia from people who inspired me (grandparents, friends, etc) and a glass case where I store my favourite books and some books that I inherited from my grandpa – including one that I only kept for his signature. The beauty of this that only my most favourite books are in there.

Dusting of that room has become more and more easier: there are a lot of empty areas which only require a quick wipe. Perhaps I should take that as an example for my studio and reduce the items. Yet, most of them are probably organizing related stuff (a well used thermos flask without a proper home), and perhaps I should declutter some items (a cup and saucer that I never used, and probably never will).

How about you? Do you have a lot of nick nacks, or are they just limited?


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